Maximize your training
with real-time data.

Connected Senses – the fitness tech of tomorrow

Learn your strength in four simple steps

Get to know your max strength, reaction time, explosivity and endurance – without lifting any weights.

How is this possible? Well, say hello to our state of the art measuring device CS | Strength.

1. Download the app

Once you’ve created an account you will be able to connect to a CS | Strength device and start measuring your strength.

2. Start measuring

Adjust by mimicing an exercise, for example a bicep curl, and press “Start Test” in CS | App.

3. Pull

Pull as much as you can and hold on until the test is complete.

4. Analyze

Check and analyze your muscle performance in your phone.


About Us

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Digitalization. It’s nothing less than a roaring revolution, raising the standard of living in this very moment. But in our eagerness to make life better, we seem to have forgotten
what matters the most – ourselves.

Connected Senses is a bunch of sports scientists, engineers and creatives. We create measuring devices powered by an app where you can track, visualize and analyze your fitness and health progress.  Together, we want to help you reach your training goals in a faster and more efficient way and at the same time minimize the risk of injury.

Our first step towards that vision is CS | Strength – a mobile measuring device that compiles your muscle capacity and sends it to the CS | App where you can track your progress, analyze it and share it with others.

Download our app!

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CS | Strength

CS | Strength is a mobile measuring device that, together with CS | App, collects and visualizes your muscle capacity.



CS | App

CS | App collects the information from CS | Strength and visualize your muscle performance in a clear and simple way.