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Benefits with CS | Strength

Are you a personal trainer or a gym owner? Then we can help each other. Here is four of many reasons why you should become an ambassador for CS | Strength and start using it in your business. If you want to read more about CS | Strength you can do it here!

1. Real-time data

CS | Strength allows you to measure muscle performance and create fitness programs based on objective real-time data, to maximize your clients’ training results and minimize the risk of injuries.

2. Easy to use

CS | Strength is small enough to carry in the bag, easy to use with in-app instruction videos and can be used wherever and whenever – just attach the hook to a fixed surface.

3. Motivate your clients

Make your clients keep returning to the gym, by offering them to measure their day-to-day form and track their strength development over time.

4. Follow your clients online

Be there without being there! Borrow your CS | Strength to your clients and follow their strength development and training process online.

How to become an ambassador or partner

The process

First of all, you will get an introduction to how CS Strength works and how you can use it with your clients or on your own to take your training to the next level. After that you get access to your own device before we finally sign an agreement. Then you are officially part of the CS community and the future of fitness tech!

What we expect from you:

  • You are a certified PT
  • You have at least ten regular clients
  • You have been working as a PT for at least three years
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There is really no reason to hesitate. Sign up today and we will contact you as soon as we can to start this journey together!