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Challenges of the health industry

As humans, everyone of us is unique. The ways our bodies react to different training and rehabilitation programs vary significantly. Therefore, there is a great need for objective assessments and precise insights of our own individual wellbeing. When we developed CS | Strength, we talked to several physiotherapists, personal trainers and sports scientists. We wanted to fully understand what type of problems they are facing in their daily business. They found it difficult to create training programs that fit the specific needs of the client since they don’t have access to tools that can create objective assessments. They also experienced difficulties in tracking their clients’ training progress and keeping them motivated over time.

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The solutions available today

What people mainly think of when they hear digital health is the so-called ‘wearables’. Fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, are one of them. They track and measure your sleep, steps and how many calories you’ve burnt during the day, for example. Though they are affordable and mobile, they cannot be used to measure your muscle performance such as actual strength, reaction time and endurance. This restricts their usage in rehabilitation and personal training.

There are several premium gyms and training centres that are offering their members access to measuring devices. Some of these devices are the standard choice of many in the health industry, but they are far from optimal. They are expensive, require complicated setup and more time for each assessment. They are also not portable and do not offer home monitoring.

The foundation of CS | Strength

To cover these needs, we realized that we needed to make CS Strength mobile, affordable and extremely precise. In other words – democratize fitness technology and make it accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to spend time doing what they love rather than spending time in a hospital. It is our first contribution to a stronger and healthier society, because without good health, technological solutions such as dimming the lights with your voice doesn’t matter at all.