CS | Strength

CS | Strength is a mobile measuring device that, together with CS | App, collects and visualizes your muscle performance in your phone.

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Test your muscle strength

Imagine doing a classic deadlift and afterwards, you get an exact figure on your muscle performance in your phone. The strength performance, the reaction time, the explosivity, the endurance – all of it. That’s exactly what we’ve made possible through CS | Strength, but without you having to lift any weights at all.

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Training based on data

Since all our bodies are unique in their very own way, training is about insights on how your body works. By using CS | Strength, you can create customized training programs based on your measured muscle performance to maximize your training results. As a bonus, you also minimize the risk of injuries by knowing your limits.

Good to know

  • Small enough to carry in the bag
  • Can only be used together with CS | App
  • Developed together with health scientists and experts
  • No cord needed, if the battery is fully charged
  • Use it wherever and whenever you want – just attach the hook to a fixed surface
  • Easy to use with in-app instruction videos

Smartest on the market

With a capacity of up to 500 kg with integrated Bluetooth 4.0, CS | Strength is the most endurable and smartest muscle performance measuring device available on the market today.

CS | Strength is based on the science of isometric training.